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Wanderung zur Punta Sant'Eliseo von Vero aus - Südkorsika

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Punta Sant' Eliseo
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Punta Sant' Eliseo
6.71 km - 3h00 - Höhe : 885 à 1242m - Elevation : 501m - Schwierigkeit : 2/5
Randonnée en MontagneAdapté aux chiensPunta Sant' Eliseo

Wald und Gipfel auf 1270 Metern - Panoramaaussicht

Wald und Gipfel auf 1270 Metern - Panoramablick

Wandern im Wald von Tartavello und auf der Punta Sant Eliseo
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The Punta Sant'Eliseo offers spectacular landscapes, including an extensive panoramic view over the valley of the Gravona to the east and the valley of the Cruzzini to the west, as well as numerous peaks, the Gulf of Ajaccio and the Gulf of Sagone.

The starting point is located at the Tartavellu Pass, at over 800 meters in altitude. This pass has a small layby for parking. The path goes through a magnificent pine forest, as well as arbutus trees and a small passage of maquis at the beginning. The final stretch takes place on a rocky mountain ridge. Upon reaching the summit, one finds oneself on the southern and lower part of the same mountain range as the Monte d'Oro in Vizzavona, visible in clear weather from Punta Sant'Eliseo.

Difficulty level

The hike unfolds smoothly in the forest with a rocky passage to be bypassed on the right to avoid a potentially dangerous frontal climb due to the void on the left. This section should be avoided by inexperienced hikers.

The ascent is gradual, with two or three steeper but short climbs. The return follows the same route as the outward journey. In total, it takes about 3 hours of hiking to cover nearly 7 km.

Wild goats

Traversing a mountain ridge, there are no streams on the path, but it is possible to have an unexpected encounter with wild goats, adding an additional touch of originality to this hike.

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